1961...Cascade Park...Four Mysterious Accidents...
Two Boys Searching for the Truth...
Experience the Love, the Laughter, the Hate,
the Compassion...
Experience the TERROR...
Love, Eddie
David Mittler
The year is 1961.  Chris and Tom Sabo are eagerly looking forward to a carefree summer vacation.  Chris anxiously awaits the return of the girl he secretly adores, and he knows that with his cousin Tom's wild imagination, excitement and adventure are never far away.
But their vacation soon turns into a nightmare, as Cascade Park becomes the scene of a number of unusual accidents.  But are they accidents?  As the boys learn more about the terrifying events, they are propelled into a mystery which reaches its ultimate climax during a violent snowstorm.  Only then do they learn the astonishing truth.
With its perfect blend of humor and suspense, Love, Eddie offers a compelling look at the tragic effects of prejudice and alcohol abuse.
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