In September 1942, Reynolds Amusement Park closed again for the season, but this time never again to reopen its gates.  Although Reynolds was no match for the larger parks, and the wartime economy provided families with less opportunity for frivolous spending, the sharp decline in admissions to the once popular destination was likewise due to more sinister events of the past summer.  On separate nights in July and August, two children vanished from the park; the only clues to their disappearance were footprints found along the banks of a nearby lake.  At the same time, local farmers reported that several of their livestock had been viciously murdered.  And for the children and the dead animals, their final night in Elkville was illumined by the light of a full moon.

Twenty years later, teenagers Tom and Chris Sabo stumble upon the intriguing story.  Despite the turmoil in Chris's neighborhood caused by the new "colored" family living down the street, the boys embark upon a harrowing journey into the past as they attempt to discover what really happened on those nights of the full moon so long ago, and what secret still lies hidden in the ruins of Reynolds Amusement Park.


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